Description :

We conduct financial investigations and data-driven compliance analyses on behalf of investors/shareholders.

Investment – Private Company : These investigations aim to assist investors in analyzing decisions made by the management of companies they hold or plan to invest in.

Investment – Public company : For publicly traded companies, we perform fundamental analyses that enable (future) shareholders to form an understanding of the underlying value of the security and anticipate price movements.

Preferred Sectors :

RetailDigital Real Estate

Some References :

  • Intervention with several investors to dissect the financial communication of a retail group.
  •  Conducted a fundamental analysis of a retail group, highlighting its vulnerabilities to various investors.
  • Intervention with a shareholder to estimate and update points of value losses related to malpractices and abnormal financial relationships within different groups of a large real estate sports complex.
  • Reconstruction of local profit and loss accounts of a multinational publicly traded company based on institutional communication and subsidiary accounts spread across different countries.
Loïc Gach
Value Creation
"On a daily basis, I bridge the gap between our client missions in M&A and Disputes, always with a keen focus on financial value creation. Since September 2023, I have been building the offerings of the Value Creation department, with a strong determination to establish new standards for financing and valuation for our clients, including investment funds, companies, and shareholders."