Description :

We collaboratively build attractive development strategies with our client-leaders, focusing on small and medium-sized enterprises (PME) and intermediate-sized enterprises (ETI).

Strategy – PME : We conduct precise assessments of the target markets for PMEs, assisting them in constructing a clear development strategy based on their experience.

Strategy – ETI : We perform specific strategic reviews and evaluations, considering various aspects by Business Unit (e.g., commercial strategy, financial strategy, etc.).

Preferred Sectors :

Digital Marketing – Distribution –  Construction and Building Trades (BTP)Agri-food.

Some References :

  • Intervention with a digital consulting PME in devising a territorial development strategy by estimating client needs and market size.
  • Intervention with an agri-food ETI to calibrate its automatic price revision clause in a context of high inflation (avian crisis, COVID-19, Russo-Ukrainian war).
  • Intervention with a large agri-food enterprise as an independent third party under the regulatory frameworks Egalim II and Egalim III.
Loïc Gach
Value Creation
"On a daily basis, I bridge the gap between our client missions in M&A and Disputes, always with a keen focus on financial value creation. Since September 2023, I have been building the offerings of the Value Creation department, with a strong determination to establish new standards for financing and valuation for our clients, including investment funds, companies, and shareholders."