Planned from afar, executed with care.

References chosen from missions entrusted by over 160 clients.

Master the exceptional.

Strategic acquisitions, industrial partnerships, complex litigations, unstable environments… By vocation, we only undertake unique missions without ready-made answers.

While respecting the inherent confidentiality of the cases we handle, these selected references will still provide you with a good understanding of our intervention capabilities.

Commercial Litigation

We calculated the damages for a sports equipment manufacturer, deprived of participation in the last FIFA World Cup (Qatar, 2022) despite the contract


We conducted a fundamental analysis of Casino for various investors.

Atara / LSA Courtage
M&A - Sale

We assisted the executives and shareholders of Atara in their sale to LSA Courtage (owned by IK Partners).

Antitrust Litigation

We intervened collectively on behalf of several SMEs affected by various abuses of dominant position committed by Google.


We intervened as an independent third party on the regulatory aspects of commercial negotiations on agri-food products.

Bandit Paris / Neftys Pharma
M&A - Integration

We assisted the management of Bandit Paris and its shareholders (Founders Future, BAs) in the integration of the company into Neftys Pharma (co-owned

Antitrust Litigation and Class Actions

We brought together more than 2400 taxi companies in a collective action against Uber (with a stake of over 450 million euros in damages).

Strategy - SME

We supported the managers and shareholders of the Pumpup Group in the work of estimating their target market and defining strategic priorities.


We carried out a detailed valuation of Teknat with a view to a transaction with the Vulcain Ingénierie group.

Creation Date
250 M€
Value of Negotiated Deals
40 M€
Average Quantified Damages
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