Antitrust Litigation

Our Actions

  • We intervened collectively on behalf of several SMEs affected by various abuses of dominant position committed by Google.
  • We conducted proceedings in various jurisdictions (across different countries, all in a stand-alone manner).
  • Our combined expertise in anticompetitive practices within the digital economy allowed us to settle in accordance with our clients’ expectations (amounting to several million euros).
Arnaud Cluzel
“The keys to victory? A detailed analysis of the vulnerabilities of the opponent, research and investigative skills, comprehensive strategic thinking, a work revised twenty times, a proven argumentative structure, a perfect technical mastery of the case, a strong sense of pedagogy, a high capacity for improvisation, and a quick wit."

Associated services

Antitrust Litigation

quantifying damages linked to anti-competitive practices.

Class Actions

Interventions in collective and class actions, mainly on competition issues in the digital sector.