Succes catchers.

Towards the summits, along narrow paths.

The partners

Pragmatism, competitive spirit, a taste for well-done work, the ability to think outside the box… the founding partners of Outmatch came together around shared values that they apply to each case entrusted to them.

As specialists in their respective departments, they collaborate whenever a mission requires a multidisciplinary or innovative approach.

Maxime Nicolas
"I have a deep love of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs. I draw inspiration from my discussions with the managers we work with. I always seek to understand their issues, to "lift the hood" of their company to bring a global view and concrete solutions."
Loïc Gach
Value Creation
"On a daily basis, I bridge the gap between our client missions in M&A and Disputes, always with a keen focus on financial value creation. Since September 2023, I have been building the offerings of the Value Creation department, with a strong determination to establish new standards for financing and valuation for our clients, including investment funds, companies, and shareholders."
Arnaud Cluzel
“The keys to victory? A detailed analysis of the vulnerabilities of the opponent, research and investigative skills, comprehensive strategic thinking, a work revised twenty times, a proven argumentative structure, a perfect technical mastery of the case, a strong sense of pedagogy, a high capacity for improvisation, and a quick wit."

Corporate Cultutre

Creative, Combative, Insatiable.

We are looking for collaborators who resemble us, those unafraid of the intensity of work and starting with a blank page.

Individuals who are ambitious, with a voracious curiosity, constantly seeking new intellectual challenges, and eager to always surpass themselves.

Our Dna Join us

Our experts

Emilien Ercolani
Dorian Forget
Grégory Dubourg
Nutrition & Santé
Yoann Latouche
Pet & Petfood
Sébastien Janodet
Sports & Entertainment
Julien Mechin
Senior Advisor M&A