Antitrust Litigation

Description :

We assist our clients, executives, and lawyers in quantifying abuses of dominant position and cartel or boycott practices.

These quantifications may be carried out following decisions by national competition authorities or the European Commission (private enforcement) or as part of more conventional actions (stand-alone) with judicial authorities.

We are sometimes also sought to assess potential anticompetitive damages that may result from a merger or acquisition, in order to anticipate possible objections from the authorities.

Preferred Sectors :

Digital – Agri-food – Retail

Some References :

  •  Intervention in a lawsuit on behalf of several phone directory services, victims of exclusionary practices by an ultra-dominant multinational in the online advertising market in procedures before several European jurisdictions – at stake: €50 million.
  • Intervention on behalf of a retail chain to quantify the impact of cartel practices by various multinational suppliers (antitrust – private enforcement) – at stake: €200 million.


The magazine Décideurs has recognized our strong reputation in antitrust litigation in its 2022 and 2023 rankings.

Arnaud Cluzel
“The keys to victory? A detailed analysis of the vulnerabilities of the opponent, research and investigative skills, comprehensive strategic thinking, a work revised twenty times, a proven argumentative structure, a perfect technical mastery of the case, a strong sense of pedagogy, a high capacity for improvisation, and a quick wit."