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OutMatch is a financial and strategic advisory boutique based in Paris.

Since 2018, we have been dedicated to addressing the exceptional challenges of our clients — CEO, lawyers, and shareholders: strategic divestitures, industrial partnerships, complex litigation, in-depth financial investigations, and more.

Drawing on our multidisciplinary skills and entrepreneurial spirit, we envision – alongside clients who resemble us – creative solutions to the most complex strategic, economic, and financial challenges.



ETI or SME, we support you in all your merger and acquisition operations, divestitures, industrial partnerships, and capital increases.


Value Creation

Investment funds or companies, we assist you in the context of your commercial and investment strategies, helping you create and enhance your value creation.

Value Creation


Lawyers or executives,  we support you in quantifying damages and conducting forensic investigations.


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March 2024

We were interviewed by Maddyness about conflictual founder-investor relationships.

January 2024

We are delighted to have supported PumpUp - Data and Meaning in its acquisition of Powertrafic - Digital Strategy Agency.

December 2023

We were thrilled to reconnect with our former colleagues during an evening filled with inspiring stories and a warm, friendly atmosphere

November 2023

The private expertise firm Aeque Principaliter and the investment bank AP Capital are merged to form the consulting company Outmatch.

October 2023

We act as an independent third party for the first year of the implementation of the Egalim III system.

June 2023

We have entered into a partnership with Foot-Unis – the professional football club union – for the entire 2023-2024 season.

About us

Maulin Avocats

« We worked together on a compensation dispute case in competition law at a time when French legislation had just changed (by transposing the European directive on actions for damages).

In this unprecedented context, the diligence and creativity of Outmatch proved decisive in pursuing our claim. Furthermore, its perfect mastery of quantifying damages is highly valuable in handling such complex economic losses.»

Bruzzo Dubucq

« Outmatch proves to be indispensable in complex commercial disputes, where, confronted by adept counterparts, it precisely determines the consequences of wrongful actions, whether contractual or extra-contractual.

The firm masterfully navigates the economic, tax, accounting, and financial aspects to provide well-supported reports and impeccable ethics, enlightening the relevant jurisdictions to the best possible extent. »


« We were assisted by Outmatch in the financial valuation of our Group, as part of our divestment discussions with Vulcain Ingénierie. .

The work provided by Outmatch was clear, well-supported, and educational. »

Symphony 3D

« The communication throughout the mission was excellent, and the involvement of the Outmatch team was perfect.

This allowed us to obtain a valuation report within very tight deadlines. »

LSA Courtage

« They bring something different compared to other investment banks. They deliver high-quality advice, comparable to major firms, at an affordable rate.

They make an otherwise inaccessible service accessible for small or medium-sized entities.»