Shareholder Litigation

Description :

We assist our clients, executives, and lawyers in quantifying various damages related to shareholder relationships.

This includes disagreements on the value of a company in the context of a transaction (M&A or succession), often involving price adjustments or sale options.

We also conduct financial investigations to search for evidence of responsibility (mismanagement, corruption, money laundering, etc.) or uncover abnormal financial relationships.

Preferred Sectors :

Digital – Distribution – Real Estate

Some References :

  • Investigation into abnormal financial relationships of several companies related to a large European golf complex.
  • Intervention in defense in the valuation of shares of a software publishing company in the context of succession. Stakes: €3 million.
  • Intervention on behalf of a buyer whose sale promise was not honored. Stakes: €1 million.
Arnaud Cluzel
“The keys to victory? A detailed analysis of the vulnerabilities of the opponent, research and investigative skills, comprehensive strategic thinking, a work revised twenty times, a proven argumentative structure, a perfect technical mastery of the case, a strong sense of pedagogy, a high capacity for improvisation, and a quick wit."