Description :

Outmatch excels in the art of targeted acquisitions for small and medium-sized enterprises (PME/ETI). Our sharp expertise and strategic approach ensure successful transactions, maximizing business growth. Our rigorous approach is structured around three main points:

  • Precise Analysis :

Detailed evaluation of economic potential.

Comprehensive mapping of key players in innovation.

Strategic identification of acquisition targets.

  • Structured Process :

Targeted approach in contacting potential acquisitions.

Clear articulation of the benefits of acquisition and synergies.

  • Excellence in Acquisition :

Organization of a list of committed targets.

Detailed presentation of the company’s potential.

In-depth due diligence and negotiation of acquisition terms.

Preferred Sectors :

Digital – Pet – Retail


Maxime Nicolas
"I have a deep love of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs. I draw inspiration from my discussions with the managers we work with. I always seek to understand their issues, to "lift the hood" of their company to bring a global view and concrete solutions."