Opportunities maker.


Outmatch distinguishes itself through unparalleled working methods in the market, aiming to crystallize valuations that exceed expectations with the most suitable strategic or financial partners, with the constant objective of delivering superior value to its clients.

We achieve these successes through three major distinctions:

We are Financiers:

The partners at Outmatch, stemming from renowned investment banks and international firms, have built their reputation by specializing in conducting financial due diligence. Their mastery of financial analysis, based on rigorous methodologies, proven experience, and a unique ability to maintain a broad perspective in executing their missions, facilitates the production of unparalleled analyses in their market.

We Master the Art of Strategy:

Recognizing that the market values differentiation, our mission is to unveil the current and future singularities of our clients – a skillful blend of resources and competencies that we adeptly highlight through our methods. Our tools, processes, and network provide us with the opportunity to showcase these competitive advantages to the most relevant players in the value chain of our clients.

Like our clients, we are entrepreneurs:

Our talents embody, above all, the entrepreneurial spirit. They excel in thoughtful risk-taking, demonstrate unbridled creativity, and deploy boundless energy to successfully lead the entrusted M&A processes.


Leveraging our financial and strategic vision, we are particularly recognized for our support in the sale of small and medium-sized enterprises (PME) and intermediate-sized enterprises (ETI).


We design and implement back-to-back strategies for our SME and SMI customers.


We assist our clients, small and medium-sized enterprises (PME) and intermediate-sized enterprises (ETI), in targeting and executing strategic acquisitions.


We offer a tailor-made financing service for SMEs and ETIs.

Maxime Nicolas
"I have a deep love of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs. I draw inspiration from my discussions with the managers we work with. I always seek to understand their issues, to "lift the hood" of their company to bring a global view and concrete solutions."