Loïc Gach

Partner - Value Creation.

On a daily basis, I bridge the gap between our client missions in M&A and Disputes, always with a keen focus on financial value creation. Since September 2023, I have been building the offerings of the Value Creation department, with a strong determination to establish new standards for financing and valuation for our clients, including investment funds, companies, and shareholders.


With a purely financial profile, Loïc Gach begins his career in management control. This logical thinker hones his technical and analytical skills within the transaction services department of prestigious firms such as Mazars, Finexi, and 8Advisory.

Sharp when it comes to valuation and identifying financial opportunities, he now works alongside both companies and investment funds. The latter seek his expertise and his ability to steer financial engineering strategies in the context of traditional M&A or complex LBO transactions.

A recognized technician, Loic Gach also positions himself as a strategist capable of going beyond the financial framework to advise his clients and provide them with concrete solutions.

Education :

  • Master’s in Management Control and Internal Audit – TBS Education (2014)

Commitments :

  • Founding member of the Institute of Economic and Legal Warfare (IGEJ).
  • Member of the France M&A Association.

Achievements :

  • Décideurs Magazine – Strong reputation in antitrust litigation in 2022, 2023 and 2024.
  • Décideurs Magazine – Strong reputation in commercial litigation in 2022, 2023 and 2024.
  • Décideurs Magazine Strong reputation in M&A adviroy (1-30 €m) 2023.