Guided by value.

The Value Creation department caters to shareholders and investment funds.

Our goal is to identify value creation blocks – or value preservation strategies – within their holdings or owned companies.

To achieve this, we employ various tools, which we illustrate with examples from missions carried out in 2023.


The weapon of negotiation preparedness with the implementation of Evaluation.

This approach involves a thorough assessment of companies or subsidiaries to determine their true value. This is crucial in the context of reorganization, divestment, or shareholder restructuring. Evaluation provides a solid foundation for negotiation and helps maximize value in transactions.

Some examples of missions:

  • Evaluation of an agri-food industrial SME in the context of reorganizing a family-owned shareholding.
  • Evaluation of a subsidiary of a group of companies, considering the carve-out and divestment of a business unit.


The weapon of collecting historical company information, through the execution of Investigation missions.

This intervention involves gathering and analyzing historical financial and operational data to identify sources of value loss. This may include analyzing corporate financial communication, investigating misconduct, analyzing decision effects, etc.

Some examples of missions:

  • Intervention with a shareholder to estimate and update points of value loss related to misconduct and abnormal financial relationships within various groups of a large sports real estate complex.
  • Reconstruction of local profit and loss accounts of a listed multinational based on institutional communication and accounts of subsidiaries spread across different countries.
  • Intervention with multiple investors to dissect the financial communication of a large distribution group.
  • Conducting a fundamental analysis of a large distribution group and highlighting its vulnerabilities to various investors.



The weapon of holding the right market data, with ongoing intervention in the company’s Strategy reflection.

This intervention focuses on collecting and using market data – compared to company data – to guide companies’ strategic decisions. It often involves close collaboration with management teams to develop or refine growth, territorial expansion, or pricing adjustment strategies, taking into account market conditions and regulations.

Some examples of missions:

  • Intervention with a digital consulting SME in reflecting on its territorial development strategy, by estimating customer needs and market size.
  • Intervention with an agri-food ETI to calibrate its automatic price revision clause in a context of high inflation (avian crisis, COVID-19, Russo-Ukrainian war).
  • Intervention with a large agri-food company as an independent third party under the regulatory frameworks Egalim II and Egalim III.


Legal Asset.

The weapon of asset creation with the creation and valuation of legal assets.

This “weapon” refers to the ability to identify, create, and value financial assets, often underutilized or unrecognized. This may include the mobilization of receivables (even nascent), the monetization of dispute portfolios, or the recovery of international receivables. The goal is to transform legal assets or contractual situations into tangible financial opportunities.

Some examples of missions:

  • Mobilization and monetization of a portfolio of receivables from disputes on behalf of a large French group.
  • Intervention with an African group in the recovery of a receivable arising from a local authority conviction (under local law).

In a nutshell :

Our Value Creation department possesses a real arsenal of value-generating and/or value-preserving methods, making us capable of addressing numerous strategic and financial challenges.



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