Biscottes Roger

Evaluation - OBO

Our Actions

  • We supported the managers and shareholders of Biscottes Roger during the reorganization of their capital. This involved assistance in valuation, as well as in the construction of a Business plan and an OBO set-up.
  • The operation enabled the company, which generates €15m in turnover, to begin a new crucial stage in its development.
Loïc Gach
Value Creation
"On a daily basis, I bridge the gap between our client missions in M&A and Disputes, always with a keen focus on financial value creation. Since September 2023, I have been building the offerings of the Value Creation department, with a strong determination to establish new standards for financing and valuation for our clients, including investment funds, companies, and shareholders."

Associated services

Value Creation

Financial valuation for shareholders and investors.


Tailor-made support for our customers - SMEs and ETIs - in structuring and obtaining financing.